The Importance Of The Future Early Adulthood Of My Life

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One of the items that represents the future early adulthood of my life is the orange slip of paper that says “Nurse.” I have not entered this period of my life yet, but when I do, my goal is to become a nurse and to hopefully be in the nursing program through the ages of 21-23. In my 20’s and 30’s age period, I want to focus on developing my career as a nurse. Therefore, when I enter this stage in my life, I will be in the emerging adulthood phase and that is when I will try to find a job as a nurse when I graduate and really create my own identity. My plan is to start out as a homecare nurse and then eventually go into working at a hospital. However, as I hit my 40’s I want to work as a homecare nurse or at a facility. One really positive thing about my future job is that I will always have many different career opportunities as a nurse. Overall, I find this item on my time ball to be very important to me because it is truly my dream to become a nurse. The next item that represents this future time period in my life is the blue paper with a red heart in the middle of it. This item represents marriage and I hope that during my early adulthood …show more content…
During middle adulthood, I want to involve myself more with my church. I want to bring my grandchildren with me to church too. I believe that during the ages of 60-65, I will be more spiritual and that is a huge goal of mine. Also, I want to participate more with the church events when I am in the middle adulthood stage of my life. I think that as we age spirituality tends to become an important concept in our lives. Also, as a member of my church during this time of my life I plan to volunteer more for different church events. My plan is to able to help out even more at church events and to possibly have my children and grandchildren help out with them too. My overall goal is to become very involved with my faith and church as I continue to grow

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