The French Revolution: The Cause Of The American Revolution

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The French played a key role in aiding the American colonies break away from their monarchy in England. At the time, Great Britain was one of the biggest military powers and they had a big advantage over America with war experience, size of army, and also naval power. America needed all the help they could get to beat Great Britain, so they needed France to become an ally. France was a big help in the end of the war. They gave America the extra push they needed to break away and become independent from England. The war would’ve changed drastically if France didn’t side with America. While America really needed France for support at the end of the war, France also really needed America to protect their West Indies, and they needed an ally after just losing the French and Indian war.
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The French people saw how the rebellion of America of the English powerhouse successfully worked. They realized that they could overthrow the government of France that were keeping all of the nice supplies and food to themselves while the people were starving in the streets[15]. The storming of the Bastille could’ve been started because of the revolution. The French got hope and found a desire to overthrow their own government from the American Revolution. In a way, the American Revolution caused the French Revolution. It didn’t cause all of the issues going on in France’s government, but it caused the rebellion and gave them hope to overthrow. They saw American colonies, the colonies had almost nothing military wise compared to England, but they were passionate and believed they could break free. Just like America, the French people had nothing and were starving, but they had a passion to make their Government better. The people eventually overthrew the government, and their idea likely came from America’s

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