The Importance Of The Bill Of Rights In The United States

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The United States of America was founded in hope of creating a more perfect society where the government gets its consent from the people to rule. In its birth, the nation created a new set of values in order to make a government that differed from the oppressive rule of the British that had previously controlled the colonies that were the United States. The founding fathers, in 1776, through the Declaration of Independence and later in the Bill of Rights, set the standards for what they hoped would become of the nation. The ageless standards that all men are created equal, have certain freedoms guaranteed, and have inalienable rights given to them by god were the principles that the country was built upon. However, as decades and centuries …show more content…
The United States government, in the Bill of Rights, vowed to protect and uphold specific rights and freedoms allotted to American citizens. Nevertheless, repeatedly the government has violated those freedoms promised. After World War 1, during the great depression, the veterans of the war wanted to be reimbursed for their time in the war earlier because of the financial crisis that was occurring in America. After returning from the war, many veterans had lost their job and were unable to find a new one because of the few jobs remaining. These veterans camped out on the lawn of capitol building waiting for congress to decide to pay them. Unfortunately, congress denied the veterans their money early, and the majority of the veterans left. However, 2,000 veterans remained and were deemed the name the bonus army. The government, under President Hoover, aggressively tried to remove the peaceful petitioning veterans by sending in the army to force them to leave. The government was ignoring the freedom that allowed Americans to assemble and ended up killing 2 veterans in the act of removing them. By disregarding this basic American freedom the government failed to maintain one of the country’s principles. During the 1920’s, the government further ignored the freedoms entitled to U.S citizens. In something called the red scare, the government unfairly searched and raided Americans suspected to believe in communism. Clearly the first amendment of freedom of speech was forgotten as raids that tore up homes were conducted without warrant. Not only could Americans not speak out about their beliefs, but they could not even think them or be suspected to think them. The United States government has time and time again proven their inability to preserve the

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