The Importance Of The Air Force

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During my time in the Pennsylvania Air National Guard, which is a branch of the United States Air Force, I have had many positive experiences. From the places I have been able to see to the people I have met, the privilege of being able to wear the uniform has provided me with better involvements and experiences than most will have in their lives. About a year and a half ago, I earned the rank of Technical Sargent, which was my greatest personal achievement to the current moment in my career. However due to unforeseen or better put situations, I had neglected to notice in the past that my single greatest achievement had become my most bittersweet one as it often left me feeling isolated and alone. In the rank structure of the Air Force, Technical …show more content…
They do not belong to either side of the lower ranking Airmen whom they must instruct or the higher standing ranks which they must report to. When training the Airmen, Techs often have their own views to make a particular repair, which in reality is a good thing showing they are applying their knowledge. As a Tech, you must ensure the airmen make their repair in accordance with the proper manuals and processes. The Airmen also tend to pick and choose which safety requirements they willingly follow, and as a Tech it is our job to see to it that the airmen follow all of the necessary requirements. These items start to build the tension between the Tech and their trainees. However when it comes time to document their training, the Airman’s frustrations really comes out. After watching an Airman struggle with a task, it is a little hard justifying giving them complete credit, but they disagree. The Airmen label us Techs “company men” and accuse us of holding them back. When relaying the repairs that had been completed in the shop up the chain to the Master and Seniors, there is always some work that is not completed. Usually, this is due to a lack of parts or the appropriate tools to make the repair, but no matter the logical reason the senior staff places the blame on the Techs themselves. When we report the progress of the Airman’s training, it is also never good enough. The superiors want a thorough explanation of why their favorite Airmen are not progressing as fast as another. Again, the senior leadership places the blame squarely on the Technical Sergeants questioning our own abilities, competence, and

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