Why Did America Become Great Without Technology

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How did America become so great without technology? How did the people in Egypt build pyramids without cranes? It was all developed through man power and backbone. Before technology you had to learn how to do math on paper there wasn’t any graphing calculators or apps to help you solve equations. Before there was any YouTube you had to sound out words to get an understanding. Now you can just put an equations in a calculator and it’ll give you the answer and show you how to solve it. These kids are being handicapped by the government. Public school teachers are passing their students just for showing up for class. They’re not doing any work in these schools. Students are being put into subgroups based on their race and their learning ability. They are not even given a fair chance anymore and the problem all started with an act. The No Child Left Behind Act was signed by President George W. Bush at Hamilton High School in Hamilton, Ohio, on Jan. 8, 2002. The act basically states that, “educational agencies and states accountable for improving …show more content…
How can children be on all learning levels stay in one class room and learn the same material as other students and know how to use the material effectively? Lately there has been a growing discussion in the media and at some public schools about getting rid of the NCLB Act because the act changed a lot teachers mentally,” NCLB-HA students shortchanged on teacher quality” (Duffett, Loveless, and Parkas 35). They are proposing that is the act is tossed out so that teachers can get back to using the right teaching method. Teachers can start back showing kids how to solve equations on paper and how to sound out words effectively. Such thing would help kids grasp the concept of learning better than before and have them on a college level

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