Teaching World History Essay

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World History is a vast subject that is not only hard to learn, but also hard to teach. It is actually a lot harder to teach. World History covers so much information that it is hard to fit it into one year. There is also so much important information that it is hard to choose what is most important. Teaching World History is hard because there is not enough time and too much to cover. Teaching World History is hard; if it were easy more teachers would want to do it. The fact is that there is so much history in the world. Most World History courses happen over a span of two semesters. In some cases it is relegate to one semester. That is not enough time to cover everything that has ever happened in every part of the world to this day. Frankly, there may never be enough time to teach all of this. How does one go about choosing this? This is another problem altogether. Although it is a tough decision figuring out what …show more content…
During my first internship, whatever was in the book is what the teacher taught. She would let the students and read and work on their own. She was a teacher that could not handle the pressures of teaching World History. Instead of taking the time to plan out the year, she gave up and let the students learn by themselves with little instruction. As expected the students would not put forth the effort and struggled in the class. Another reason why it is hard to teach World History is the lack of qualified teachers. Many teachers do not have a passion for teaching World History. In some cases teachers are put in the class because there is no one else to teach it. Coaches are often who are put in the classes. In many cases, the World History class is not their top priority and do not put any effort into the class. This is the only option for some schools though. Teachers know the problems with teaching World History so they avoid it if they

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