The Importance Of Teaching Maths In Education

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My first thoughts while reading the NCTM journal article were of amazement. I really enjoyed the fact that the teachers wanted to do their best to open up the children’s mind’s potential. It was very refreshing to hear that teachers are finally teaching how math can be in our everyday lives. This article made me imagine that it is possible to teach mathematics in a different and positive ways. This article shows that it is good to leave the text behind in some lessons and that it is all right that sometimes a student may not be able to reach the same potential as all students and that is not a downfall to all lessons. Each lesson will help grow a student’s mind and build their self-esteem. The teacher can always tweak the lesson for the …show more content…
The secessions were done in a way that helped involve the process of learning steps in a positive effective way. I strongly agree with how this lesson shows the students how math is important in the real world. My stereotype has been strengthened by this article. Since being a student of math, in my younger years, I have always believed that if the students could get real life examples of why they need to learn math other than schooling they would be more willing to learn concepts of mathematics. This article demonstrates how children go above and beyond with math when they understand it and how it can be used, the 35w …show more content…
I am glad to hear that math is now being taught in a way to show teachers do care about the students more as a whole. Going through my elementary years, math was always a difficult subject for me. I remember being one of the very few in the class to use counting squares when doing an addition sheet that the class had to complete in 60 seconds. When completing this task for the first time you would get a gold star. When it came down to me being the only students who did not receive one I gave up on math. This one activity in the first grade made me struggle with the subject until have way though middle school. This article has brought me hope as for teacher to be moving slowly away from such drilling with our young ones in math. I also like the fact that the article shows how all subjects can positively be combined with

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