The Importance Of Talent Management And Development Essay

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The human resource department in an over the years have added some different function to capture the talent within the company. The term “talent” is being used to refer to the employees and their valuable skills and knowledge. In the area of talent management in the human resource department, refers to the ongoing process of developing talent effectively to meet the needs and goals of the company. In this assignment, we will review the OCBC bank case study, by analyzing their unique approach to talent management and development. We will compare OCBC’s approach to talent management and development to other organization we are familiar with currently. We will attempt to explain, how OCBC’s approach to talent management and employee development been in primary contributing factor to the firm’s success. Plus we will evaluate the extent to which OCBC’s approach to talent management and development fits other organization, including some limitations if applied elsewhere without modification.
OCBC Bank is one of the leaders in the way of discipline, the approach towards credit and risk management as well as active talent management initiatives. (Shukla-Pandey, 2012).The success of the corporation is based on the personal touch of the unique approach of the talent management and development within the human resource department. The talent management department is to designate to attract, develop and motivate as well as retain productive and engaged employees. The talent management…

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