Similarities Between Ne Win And Adolf Hitler

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In our world there are many people who believe that different superstitions will help them stay safe, find love and have a happy life. However, when people ponder about politics, those ideas go away and, especially in an unknown country, the usage of superstition is thought of as a religious ritual. What if there was a leader similar to Hitler that shows the same obsession with superstition and can control a country that can be possibly thrown into another war? Based on many facts, it has been seen that there always can be another leader like Hitler running a country with the help of superstitions. The leader that is an example of this is Ne Win, the first prime minister of Modern Burma. Both Hitler and Ne Win were thought of as an insane …show more content…
When we look at these two influential individuals, evidence determines that there was a reason for them to think and continue with the thought of superstitions being right. The only difference between the two is one leader allows you to see his symbol, while the other makes you think and connect. The first leader that shows us his connection with symbols, even from birth, make a huge impact on their world and affects people around them is Ne Win. Ne Win’s name can be translated back into the English phrase “Bright Sun”. When you read through “The General Principles of Astrology”, Crowley discusses Ne Win’s outlook on life and allows an understanding that he believed he was the center of the universe and he obtained power of most, if not all, knowledge. In the book, they discuss how he thought of himself not just as a leader but as “The Sun King... esoterically is symbolic of the mind or intellect.”6. This is true because was the mastermind behind the victory over the English army. To add on to the list of memorable events before his death, he did seek the work and rituals of his astrologers that told him what to do in order for him live past the age of 90 (91 to be exact). With these exceptional moments, there were many moments that got him into some trouble. Since he thought, he was smarter than most he changed the currency. However, when he did that many people hid their money and very quickly the country went bankrupt. He was then forced to step down from being the leader of the country. Even when he was no longer the leader, he tried everything in his power to get one of his sons into the government. He did many other things that led him to be placed under house arrest. All of this happened to him because he egotistically thought of himself as a

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