The Importance Of Student Retention Rates Of College Students

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Chapter One


Retention rates have long been analyzed but continue to fall. There is a growing concern regarding the first-year retention rates of college students. In order to combat this there is a need to examine what is involved in retaining students to an institution.
This study takes a look at the components to retain minority students in higher education by analyzing student satisfaction in five componets that effect student retention; college preparedness, campus climate, commitment to educational goals, social integration and advisement.

Statement of the Problem:

Retention rates in higher education continue to be a growing concern. It is one of the most studied aspects for the dynamics of enrollment of students
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This study is to provide assist educators, educational leaders, administrators, universities, policy makers, and most of all students. Administrators will be able to see what type of services work best when it comes to servicing thier students. They will be able to put more effort into programs that are best suited to their student population and eliminate those that do not. Students will have more of an advantage from well-rounded programs that will benefit them to reach their educational goals most efficiently in their educational goals. Financial there will be an improvement for students who will have a better chance of completing their degree in the desired time frame. Students will be more prepared for their education process by not wasting time or money on courses they do not need to take to complete their degree. This will lead to a better chance of graduating in four years as planned instead of extending it out to six years. It will create more graduates who will be able to go out into the workforce of the communities and the communities will be able to attract more business which would improve economic development over the long run (Lovett, …show more content…
Does academic advisement have and impact on student satisfaction with social integration?
Research Hypotheses:
〖 H〗_0: There is a significant impact on retention rates for students that are satisfied with academic advising.
H_a: There is a significant impact on academic preparedness for students that are satisfied with their academic advisement.
H_b: There is a significant impact on campus climate for students that are satisfied with academic advisement.
H_c: There is a significant impact on students commitment to educational goals they are satisfied with academic advisement.
H_d: There is a significant impact on social integration of students when they are satisfied with their academic advisement.
Definitions of Terms:
Student Satisfaction- A student’s attitude towards an object as it represents a complex assemblage of cognitions, emotions, and behavior tendencies (Hammer, 1978).
Retention - is the "ability of an institution to retain a student from admission through graduation" (Seidman, 2005, p. 14). Retention is based on the rate at which fall entering freshmen who are full-time students enroll at the same campus the following fall semester

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