Satisfaction And Retention Of Community College Students In The United States

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In the United States, high school graduates are faced with various options when deciding what route, they plan to take after high school. Some students may decide to enlist in the Armed Forces, go straight into the work force, enroll in a 4-year university or college, or a 2-year community college, though most high school graduates, 69% in fact, chose to continue their education and enroll in some form of post-secondary institution (United States Bureau of Labor Statistics). A study by the United States Bureau and Labor Statistics discovers that of those who chose to enroll in a post-secondary institution, majority happen to be Asian (83%), followed by Whites (71.1%), Hispanics (68.9%) and African Americans (54.6%) and of those who continue …show more content…
When we measure success by retention rates, and degree attainment, it is evident that black men seek community colleges and 2-year institutions in search of success but are often left shorthanded. In his essay entitled “Satisfaction and Retention Among African American Men at Two-Year Community Colleges”, Terrell L. Strayhorn ascribes this lack of success to the lack of academic preparation, socioeconomic issues, and the lack of self-confidence of African American men. While other scholars blame the masculine ideal and the standards that society places on black men to be “cool” as the reason for black male’s lack of success in community college and the educational pipeline (Palmer & Maramba). These essays and other research show that for various reasons, there is a growing problem of the success of African American males in community college making it likely for them to become another statistic of an African American male failed by the education

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