Standardized Tests

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Nothing feels better than making an A on a test that a student studied hard for. Nothing can make a student feel more accomplished than having a 3.5 GPA or greater. However, all these feelings of accomplishment can slowly fade when a child’s future is based on his or her achievement on standardized tests. When did society start allowing tests that assess a student 's aptitude by comparison with a specific standard decide how smart students are? Students should not need to pass a basic skills test in order to graduate being there are multiple ways to the same outcome, not just one.
On standardized tests, every student takes the same test with the same questions and under the same circumstances. The tests take away the chance of any individual
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Standardized tests test the students of their capability of understanding what was taught in the past year, but only giving them one strict way to show it. Say the state gave a basic skills test that tested all of the student’s skills that are learned over the high school years; is society sure this test undoubtedly is to aid students in graduating and not another test that tests useless things needed for a student’s future. In a recent article, “Value and Purpose of High School Exit Exams: Discuss,” a school board member in Florida took a version of the state’s tenth grade high school test, the Comprehensive Assessment Test which is a test that students in the state of Florida must take to graduate high school. This school board member has two master degrees and a successful professional career and averaged a D on the reading portion of the test. The individual admits “That while the material tested was not fresh in his mind, he also did not use it in his work, thereby making him wonder how relevant it really was for the average student’s success after leaving school” (Dunlop, Tarsi). All these tests schools are making a requirement is changing the way students are being educated. Teachers are prepping to a narrowly drawn standardized test in primarily language arts and math. Instead of getting a liberal arts education, …show more content…
There are such wide ranges of differences in the people who take standardized tests that it is nowhere near possible for tests like these to be accurate. For the state to create another test that every student has to take in the same way in order for students to graduate is not as much supporting them, more of setting them up for failure. Standardized tests teach students that it is not okay to think outside the box or to be creative. These tests teach students to comprehend one way and one way only. The creators of the tests have a theory about students, sort of a one size fits all theory, but that is not the case. One size does not fit

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