The Importance Of Social Change Through Social Media

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In today’s day in age, people of all ages have become immersed into a new way of life. A life lived through social media where information from anywhere in the world is right at ones fingertips. However, not all information is “good” information, and its up to person who comes across it to take a stance on an issue. Moreover now a days when social issues flood a newsfeed many believe the most appropriate action to fight for justice is to tap the “like” button or “share” the post with their thousands of “friends”. Nevertheless, the number of likes on pictures or the amount of times a post has been shared ultimately becomes irrelevant when it comes to looking at the bigger picture. The picture that is right in front of you the moment you look away from your small hand held device that has the capability of transporting you anywhere in the …show more content…
Gladwell points out that social networks are simply systems of weak ties, “Twitter is a way of following (or being followed by) people you may never have met. Facebook is a tool for efficiently managing your acquaintances, for keeping up with the people you would not otherwise be able to stay in touch with. That’s why you can have a thousand “friends” on Facebook, as you never could in real life”(4). Gladwell logically explains that social media sites are there to aid in keeping a digital contact with people you may hardly ever speak to in person. Therefore social change within social media is extremely difficult due to the lack of stronger bonds between people. A person is more likely to support a cause or fight for justice alongside someone they trust and have good communication with. Outside of the digital sphere the people who come during a time where someone needs them are often those closet to them, not some friends distant aunt you added on Facebook 4 years

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