The Importance Of Self-Regulation And Motivation

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Self- regulation and motivation can be considered man and wife, they complement each other. Self-regulation is a person’s ability to alter their own behavior. Motivation is the drive to do something. So to think that these two, self-regulation and motivation, do not have a powerful relationship is a horrible misconception. These two things can make an employee very valuable to employers, which makes them very important to leaders. To understand how important to understand why they are important to have together, it must be understood separately.
As stated above self-regulation is the ability to alter one’s own behavior this means to change your ideas or goals. For example, Tom decided to go back to school to be a teacher instead of staying a police officer. Or if Tom decided to start back going to the gym and dieting in order to lose weight. In order to do both things Tom’s behavior will have to change he will possibly have to give up some extracurricular activities in order to
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One is standards, in order to be successful in self-regulation there must be a clear set of standards. Having a well-defined set of standards makes self-regulation a smooth process. The second ingredients in self-regulation are monitoring. In order to obtain a goal, it is mandatory to keep track of what you are doing (Baumeister, & Vohs, 2007). For example, Tom wants to become a teacher in order to do that he would need to keep track of things such as his classes and his assignment within each class. If Tom begins to notice he is failing in certain areas he can use self-regulation to get back on track. The only way for Tom to notice he is off track if he is monitoring his progress. The third ingredient is willpower if a person wants to obtain a goal willpower is a necessity. Many goals do not come easy, so it is important to willpower to obtain them. This brings us to the fourth ingredient, motivation (Baumeister, & Vohs,

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