The Importance Of Self-Preservation

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Self-preservation is the first law of nature. One would like to assume otherwise, as in a dire situation, one should think of others first, and then ourselves, however, this is not the case. Self-preservation is an instinct and since it is an instinct and is something inborn, looking out for oneself will always outweigh preservation of others. Now the Millennial generation takes this behavior into account with the their particular views on Washington and how they desire to change it. Ron Fournier’s work, “The Outsiders: How Can Millennials Change Washington If They Hate It?” details the outlook of disengagement that the Millennials have from government and public service and how will soon lead to brain damage in Washington, while Jack and David …show more content…
The premise of Hobbes argument is to create a civil society which will help to sustain/manifest, but beneath all of that is the motivation that if we are at peace we each will have more self preservation. So one can expect to live a lot longer when you do not have to engage in physical battle. Now this exploits our necessity for our individual self preservation, for example, making peace with one another so we humans don 't devolve into our natural state of antagonizing each other. That being said people have the right to protect themselves from harm’s way when in currently in the world there are revolts and wars going on in world, danger out on every corner, it is necessary that people take precaution as everyman is entitled to the right to maintain that necessity. There are individual young people who essentially are perceiving that their life is going be rather rough, financially, and stability because times are different. And the question is what is one individual really going to do in terms of changing the system. Can one person suddenly manifest a band of good jobs? No, but they can realize that 60 million other people are in their same boat, and can ask if we get together and create an issue or policy about doing something about getting new jobs. This is the bases of self preservation for the Millennial …show more content…
This focusing on the individual who is participating in community service, sharing their personal self preservation in order to assist somebody else 's self preservation. That stays more so for the individual, not so much for the collective. Individual self preservations helps with interpersonal relationships, how we treat each other as well as how we set precedent for our laws, but in explaining a large movement that is connected to selective self preservation. The underlying assumption is behind the argument that Millennials need to unify in order to make government or society better for them. Cahn and Cahn do great justice in offering insight about living in an inhuman world, that the Millennials do not care for self-indulgences, but rather self-preservation as an act of political welfare since this generation is being offered “bad/fewer

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