The Importance Of Self Interest In America

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As Americans living in the United States of America, we are teaching each other to lean towards believing that our country is being built on the idea of liberty, freedom, justice, and the pursuit of happiness. The Constitution is an emblem that points out all of our liberal rights but fails to show how we came to decide on those rights and what the English did years before they created the Constitution. The law America has in place fails to show how this country is indefinitely built on self-interest, gaining our own benefit out of any circumstance. So we are left to decide, using our own judgment, which aspects of America legitimately shaped our country into what it is today; throughout documented history both aspects intertwine with one another. Self-interest is what caused the British elites to turn to slavery as a means of satisfying their needs for labor. They turned to slavery since it was the cheapest option for them that would have all of their …show more content…
The Native Americans who lived on American land first got forced off their lands by the elites and manipulated into trading with the colonists. The elites looked at the natives as strange and did not know how to approach them at first, for example, “many Virginians and New Englanders perceived Native Americans as inferior because they spoke in strange tongues, cultivated with hoes rather than plows, and had no concept of property accumulation” (Clark 47). The first colonists to America “would explore the Indians’ world, report on it, attempt to understand it and to conceive ways of exploiting it” (Bailyn, p.46). The colonists that came to America never had moral intentions towards the Native Americans; it always seemed about what the colonists could get from the natives. The colonists seemed solely interested in gaining all of the land they could get and force off as many Native Americans as they

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