Machiavellian Principles Of Government

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Kemisa Kassa ID#003638997
In the beginning stages of this nation, it was established with the basic principles of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”. These principles are upheld by the constitution and overtime carried through tradition over time. Another tradition that was created was the hold on the main political parties, the Democratic, and the republican party, that has been a tradition and the third party hasn’t won an election in several decades. The division between the democrat and republican party encompasses the ideas of the American people. There were a lot the constitution did not account for both accomplished so much. Another reason America is flawed is because of the constant pursuit of perfection
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The system in America is flawed but would not be considered for a dictatorship. The 2016 presidential candidates because did exemplify Machiavelli ideas but lacked other qualities because a dictatorship in America would not go so well in this nation since the people are so strong minded. Machiavelli’s lasting impressions are outrageous when he states “might is right” would never go right in America. Before discussing the Machiavelli’s principle belief’s in action it is important to know who he was. Who is Machiavelli, why is he even relevant thousands of years later? Machiavelli was a Roman philosopher who wrote about his experience during the division of Italy and fall of the Medici family. He talks about the flaws and corruption throughout the country of Italy. At which time he wrote The Prince a basic outline on the perfect dictatorship and what makes it successful. Here Machiavelli also asserts the importance of acquiring power at all costs. For instance, having more power in comparison to your neighbors is vital even conquering them to take their power is a righteous cause. Other key issues he discussed were about the importance of a monarchy to handle enemies of the state by crushing them. According to Machiavelli, the pursuit of power is most important as a leader and the masses only request is security. By this, of course, he states the best condition for a dictatorship is one in which there are bad people and bad institutions creating a system of chaos requiring a strong dictatorship. This dictatorship will bring these people back into a better system that does not need a dictatorship. To act as Machiavelli would be creating a more moral society and to have a much moral policing to make people good again. Another quality that Machiavelli emphasized was being able to balance everything that comes at you and be able to

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