The Importance Of Russian Culture

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Russian culture has always had a big impact on my life as a mixed, Russian/Black individual. And as most Russians will tell you, food is a huge part of their culture. I grew up with so many diverse food on my plate over the year and simply assumed that that was just what everyone ate until I started going to school and noticing other kids lunches, and they started to notice mine. But at the heart of my semi-Russian experience there are four foods that seem to best capture the ideal Russian dishes.
• Aspic gelatin
• Cow tongue
• Hunter bacon
• Cabbage roll
Now of course I could go on with lots a delicious Russian dishes such as pelmeni, and shuba, and blin, and oh my gosh I complete forgot to have lunch. Each of those dishes gives a better
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When you say bacon the first thing on most peoples minds is the crispy, artery clogging, breakfast food that America seems to have a rather interesting fascination with. But by hunter bacon I mean something entirely different. Hunter bacon is not crispy and thin but instead chewy and is best eaten cold and on its own in my opinion. One of the best way to know if a food it truly really good or not is if it taste good on its own without having to be paired with anything, and this is especially true with hunter bacon. How my family obtains the hunter bacon is rather weird though. Its not sold in regular grocery stores such as Walmart, Aldi, or Costco, instead it can only be found in the one European market in town. The place is rather sketchy and you have to pay very close attention to make sure you don’t buy expired produces and if you look closely near the back of the store they actually are selling illegal kinder eggs in the shop, but regardless of all that they have lots of wonderful stuff there that you can’t get anywhere else, like hunter bacon. Every time my mom and go to that store we always end up come back home with a pound of bacon and some how my mom, dad, and I seem to finish in only a week because we all love it so …show more content…
To give you and idea of what cabbage roll is, it basically boiled, ground meat and rice wrapped up in leaves of boiled cabbage. My Grandma always makes it for me whenever she has the chance because she knows how much I love it. To me cabbage roll is the most flavorfully bland dish that I’ve ever had the experience of tasting. It’s bland because it familiar and simple, it’s not trying to impress you with fancy spice and elegant plating but instead it’s simply homey. One the other hand, however, its flavorful in how you are in no way disappointed with this blandness, and instead taste everything that has gone into it; every grain of rice, every mash of meat to make it ground, every dash of salt, and every bit of love that Grandma puts into it. The smell however is my favorite part, solely because it comes even before you get a bite in. Grandma’s cabbage rolls smell like warmth. Like you’re outside at one o’clock on a clod rain night and you’re soaked down to your shoes and that smell could bring you home into your dry warm bed. Like Dorothy’s red slippers except this time you’re going some place way better than

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