Facilitating Sexual Orientation Paper

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counselor who is responsible for facilitating the group. These participants must be students who have undefined sexual identity, or be a g/l/b individual.

Group Logistics:
Multicultural awareness programs should be included into the school’s curriculum to address sexual orientation with respect to cultural and social diversity and forbearance. The facilitating counselor will announce the availability of the support-therapy group to all the students especially the g/l/b students and the interested students will be able to seek personal assistance from the counselor’ office. The existence of this group will be addressed through designing poster and posting them on inconspicuous places such as the toilet and inform the school staff
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Week-8- To ensure that the individuals in this group have their sexual orientation is part of their total identity.

Relevant Research Questions:
• Are the needs of the g/l/b students met by the support-therapy group?
• After the therapy, were the g/l/b individuals at ease with their sexual orientation at school?
• Was the self-esteem of these adolescent g/l/b students improved by the group counseling sessions?
• In terms of dealing with negative reactions from other students about their sexual identity, were these g/l/b adolescents well equipped in fighting such and being comfortable with their sexuality?
• Are there some recommendations aimed at improving the success and functionality of this g/l/b support-therapy group?
These questions should be included in the post-group evaluation and the answers should range from strongly disagree, disagree, neutral, agree, or strongly agree.
Interpersonal Learning: After this experience in the group therapy, these g/l/b individuals are heartened to share their knowledge and experience with other individuals whom they share similar sexual orientation and put them into practice through homework assignments etc. Application of the skills learned into real life situations will be learned during the termination

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