The Importance Of Religion

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In our day and age, people are always at war, and we would like to think it is over a multitude of different things like politics or human rights, although, if we take a broader look at these disagreements, or at the wars, they are usually revolving around a discrepancy in beliefs. Looking as recent as the wars in Iran, or Afghanistan, they are revolving around religious borders and rulers who push their own agendas. Secondly going a few decades further back, with World War II and the persecution of those proclaiming the Jewish Faith. Now, the further and further back we go in history, the more we can see humanity being unified by something the exact thing that is supposed to pull people closer together. Religion used to be very unifying, especially thousands of years ago when there wasn’t a direct line of communication to anyone you wish to talk to. However, just because it could have been unifying, doesn’t mean that it was, religion can be and was used in the wrong ways to gain power or wealth.
Going back to Ancient China, around the year 500BCE, and looking at the ‘Zuo Commentary’ in our sources book, we can see that they had an incredible faith in their Lord. Starting off the excerpt they talk about the fact that they are traveling and
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Looking at how the Quran and the bible are both books that are showing people how to act, and how to be good seminarian. The different Gods are trying to keep us out of danger, and help us live the best life that we can in accordance with the word. Although looking in both books, find that there are verses that are considered outdated. Not eating certain meats was a useful law when the bible was written, when we couldn’t accurately prepare the meet. Although, now that we have the right technology, that rule is no longer a needed safety restriction. The fact that the times have changed hasn’t stopped some people from continuing to believe the exact word

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