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Religion has been around for thousands of years and it has become something that people turn to for comfort at times. Today however, it has turn out to be primarily superstitious beliefs which retain its followers based on some sort of fear, usually like an appalling afterlife. The idea of gods derived from people needing answers to what was happening for certain things like the weather and disasters. Religion has been the basis for a number of decisions including wars and has been a major factor in politics (Gherghina 336). Religion should not be included in a western society in today’s world simply because it serves little purpose and it creates many conflicts that can easily be avoided by removing the integration of religion in governing …show more content…
In Europe, leaders converted to different religions in order to gain popularity amongst those being ruled (Schilbrack 295). To them, religion may have meant little to them which is why it should be fine to break apart from religion today in a country. Religion has just been a tool to manipulate those being ruled which makes the leaders of the country corrupt. If religion was not a factor, then the problems of the country could be prevented by having a leader that does not need religion in order to get control of the country. Religion should not be an influence in how the country handles issues because it does not provide help for the best interests of the …show more content…
An option would be to let people practice their religion on their own time, in private. In return, nobody would bother to dissect religious beliefs to prove if it is has scientific proof to back it up (Evans 370-371). Today, religion and science clash against each other because religion is simply based on beliefs while science is based on facts that are ultimately proven by a definite thought process. The two continue to create problems and it is something that can be prevented so it does not affect a country. By eliminating religion from the governing process, the country is able to save money while also entering less wars because of religious values and

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