The Purpose Of A Relationship

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The basis of a relationship should involve helping each other solve the current problem, build the relationship around each other’s spirituality, giving feedback to a situation involving conflict between them and a close loved one, and help each other cope with difficult times. Sometimes we have a difficult time abiding by these rules, but the love between us will never fade. If I disagree with a topic he approaches me with, I will calmly discuss the reasons of why I did like it. A relationship should be he and I against the world. Setting rules helps a relationship last a lifetime. Although relationships in my family have not always been great. I have learned that most individuals learn from their mistakes. My grandparent’s relationship is one relationship I can reflect on, they helped each other through the struggling times, and loved each other unconditionally. The love they showed was so magnificent, they gave me the hope that there is someone that will love me the same way. When my grandparents had an argument, you would never know because they would go behind closed doors and …show more content…
He has to have an amazing personality that will win a crowd over, and having the looks just puts the icing on the cake. The ideal partner has to have a humorous side, and be extraverted because I want to be equally balanced which means I want him to make me laugh as much as I do him, and be able to talk for hours without any dull moments. His values should contain spirituality, family/friends, and intimate relationship. These three values are very important in my life, and having similar values helps our communication. Having a spiritual background is a big impact on choosing the perfect match for me. Also, I am a very outgoing person, so he has to be the same way. I prefer not to date someone who has negative energy. Being athletic is a must, I work out on a daily basis and I love playing

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