Effects Of Free Speech On Social Media

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Nowadays, the internet has become an integral part of our life. Especially, the social media websites become the source of entertainment where people can openly express their opinions. However, in the discussion of free speech on the internet, one controversial issue is about the content of the post and tone using in the comment is not appropriate for all the users. On the one hand, some Americans argue that the social media sites should have no regulations. On the other hand, some users insist that regulation should be on the social media sites because they are feeling humiliated as they might not enough strong to tolerate the mockery of others. My own view is there should be regulation on the internet as they people feel depressed or hurtful …show more content…
Although not all American users think alike, still some of them will probably dispute my claim that freedom of speech gives the right of expressing freely without the intervene from the law officers. Mike Bires, a senior police officer, says, “Where we run into the problem is the social media platform are very hesitant to step on someone’s First Amendment rights” (Stein). This shows that the law officers are unable to take action against an offensive post because the law has given the granted the right of free speech. Moreover, some might also argue that social media companies should not ban and remove the post and comments because it is the elimination of negativity or hiding the truth. As comments make the post more interested because many people after reading the post with comments start making their own opinion. as the writer of the article, “Psychology of online comment”, Maria Konnikova describes, “Removing comments also affect the reading experience itself: it may take away the motivation to engage with a topic more deeply, and to share it with a wider group of readers”. comments on the writing engage the audience because the critics can better explain the flaws in the content of the writing. Although I agree that involvement of the police officer and social media companies invade the rights of free speech, people need protection. As it is a human right to be respectful to each other and use a decent tone while describing their views. The psychologist Macro Yzer and Brian Southwell discuss, “New communication technologies do not fundamentally alter the theoretical bounds of human interaction; such interaction continues to be governed by basic human tendencies” (Konnikova). This means it is the matter of human behavior which should not be presented as wild mammal on social media. The purpose of media is to frame a decent portrait of people, but not

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