The Importance Of Obsession With Harry Potter

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For many people, an obsession with a particular book series might seem like a strange thing. A lot of people consider this sort of obsession to be “unhealthy;” however, I believe that an obssession with a particular book series to be very beneficial and even healthy. Books can enrich our understanding of the world and teach us many things we may not necessarily learn in normal environments. Such as the plights of people who may not be considered to be normal. Books can also help us feel like someone understands the hard things we may face personally. When I was younger, I came across some difficult times in my life. Then one day Harry Potter flew into my life upon his broomstick, wand in hand, saved me from my own “Uncle Vernon,” and whisked …show more content…
Millions of people have been touched and shaped by the series. Some even say that an obsession with Harry Potter makes you a better person all together. According to an article in the Smithsonian Magazine. reading Harry Potter may just teach its young readers to be more tolerant. The writer of the article, Danny Lewis, explains that a group of Italian psychologists believe that children who identify with Harry Potter might develop greater empathy and tolerance toward people from disadvantaged backgrounds, including refugees, immigrants and gay …show more content…
When you read the books as much as I have, you can catch on to literary devices like foreshadowing, imagery, and irony. Reading Harry Potter taught me how to be a better writer. I adopted styles and techniques that J.K. Rowling used in the series. Her characters were so complex and well-rounded, giving myself ideas for my own works. In an article written by University of North Texas Professor of Library and Information Sciences Barbara Stein Martin, she explains that Harry Potter inspires people to read. In the article she states, "Without a doubt, the Harry Potter books have inspired kids to read more," she says. "But what 's remarkable is that it 's attracted positive adult attention for children 's literature and shown that children 's literature can be viable and worthy reading. The Harry Potter series is a phenomena in that it competes in sales with adult books." Many people believe that the Harry Potter series was the thing that sparked a love of reading in many young children and even adults starting in the late

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