The Importance Of Reading And Writing In ESL

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Coming to America was terrifying for me. It was a new place to learn new things. The most important thing I was concerned about was reading and writing in english. I knew if I failed to learn how to read and write in english I would not make it in america. It was very crucial for me to learn so when I was in Elementary school in Hampton, there was a school that had this program called ESL. It stands for English Second Language. I was so nervous, I thought other students would tease me on how I had a heavy accent and can only write in arabic. When I entered the class, the students were all different kind of race. Mexican, Russian, and German etc, I did not know half these races existed until I entered the class. I felt more calm there when …show more content…
She reassured me she was proud of how far I got and it would be selfish of her to keep me in her class and let this wonderful opportunity pass me by. She said she will meet me once a week to see how my progress was going. When one of my female classmates found out I was in ESL she started to treat me differently. She started to talk to me slower and telling me I am not pronouncing my words right. I kept telling her my English is just good as her’s and stop treating me differently. She just ignored me and start being meaner to me. My ESL classes were outside in trailers. After recess one day I was walking to my class and she said that ESL is for retard kids. I told her to shut up and I saw her grade in English and she had a D. I told her English is her first language and she is failing. My hair was long and braided and she was so angry she yanked my hair so hard that I fell back on the ground. She start laughing at me with other group of girls. I stood up and pushed her down. We start fighting until the teachers pulled us apart. We was send to the principal office to tell him what happen and call our parents. When we sat down across the principal’s desk, the girl start crying. She kept saying it was my fault and I kept teasing her because she is failing

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