Argumentative Essay: Gangsta Rap

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"You 're either an idiot or you 're purposely choosing to use the law to punish people because you 've already assumed that the person is guilty" (Killer Mike). People today are becoming prejudice against the genre, rap. They don 't understand it. The earliest type of music classified as rap began many years ago in Africa, with the griots, storytellers who tell tales of their experiences or those of the village. It started when one of these griots started telling his story with music playing; this in its form is rap in its most rudimentary form. Many years later in New York, two DJs who were tired of the old style disco ball started spinning disks and are now titled the fathers of rap. Gangsta rap came around when two groups had a rivalry, …show more content…
Alan Jackson, former prosecutor for LA County District Attorney 's Office , supports the use of rap lyrics as evidence in a criminal case:... if u listened to the songs, you could literally hear gang members confessing to crimes...just because you put your confession to music doesn 't give you a free pass (Majerol). Mr. Jackson believes that when rappers write about committing a crime, it is a confession, meaning they actually did the crime. There are cases where rap lyrics have been used as evidence to convict a rapper for murder. The jury accepted the prosecutor 's evidence, the rap lyrics, as facts rather than fiction. Also in the prosecutor 's’ argument it states that the "gang members" are hiding their confessions in a string of their hobbies in this case its their rapping. The prosecutors say it shouldn 't work that way, they believe just because you hide your crime in your music doesn 't mean you can get away with it and that the rappers ' songs should be counted as confessions (Majerol). I think that they need to find a different source of evidence than the rapper 's music. There are too many risks involved with this. They could accidentally convict a rapper who was just having fun with his music and he never committed any of the crimes spoken about in their songs. It doesn 't matter if there is a confession in the songs there are too many risks and if they can 't confirm their accusations they shouldn 't be able to use the lyrics as a

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