The Importance Of Professional Nursing Standards Of Practice

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In our nursing 110 class, professional nursing practice has been studied, using the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia (CRNBC) Standards of Practice. In this paper, I focus on Ethical Practice Standard 4, and talk about the ethics involved in nursing by describing a narrative that includes many moral decisions that a nurse could potentially be involved in.
The Narrative Ed (a name used to protect client confidentiality) is a 95 year old man living in a long term care facility, who has severe dementia. In the past week, he has stopped being able to eat and drink thickened fluids because his swallowing reflex isn 't working. He has no detectable response to stimuli of any sort. The doctor in the care facility says his organs may
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The scenario above has a multitude of ethical issues to discuss. I will focus on the issues regarding Ed 's palliative stage of life and what decisions that entails regarding his level of comfort. These issues mainly center around choices the nurse has to make surrounding the clients family and doctor. With disagreement between family members, the nurse is put in a difficult position. The wife of Ed may either not have come to terms with her husbands state, or she feels guilty for accepting to withdraw care and wants to do everything she can do to prolong her husbands life, despite the meaning it had to Ed himself. Her motives could be out of guilt because with whatever decision she makes, she may have to endure negative feelings. She could either feel guilty for not persisting health care staff prolong his life, but if she agrees to let him die she could have doubts regarding her decision. Ed 's other family members feel that resources were being wasted, and didn 't want Ed to suffer any longer. He had an advanced directive, and the document should be upheld to Ed 's wishes. They feel that even though Ed has no responses, he could be in pain, and just want to let him …show more content…
This nurse can provide this type of care by doing her job diligently, and supervising other health care workers to assure they are also doing their job. In order to determine if the care is appropriate the nurse needs to use her judgment, as well as communicate with Ed 's family and other health care workers. Tube feeding is a good example of an ethical dilemma in which the nurse and health care team has to decide if it is an appropriate course of action at this point in Ed 's life. Standard 1: 5. Advocates for and/or helps to develop policies and practices that support research and the integration of research findings and other evidence into client care. In this scenario, the nurse could advocate for and help research the field of pain reception in severe dementia clients. The nurse can advocate for better pain management if she does not feel Ed or another client if receiving enough medication and may be in pain. She could advocate for client-focused care when families are in disagreement, honor advanced directives, and help to choose what actions are best for each client.
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