The Importance Of Privacy

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Register to read the introduction… The responsibility of data protection and privacy is therefore shared amongst millions of service providers. Users of the Internet are forced in placing their trust in the security of the entire network. The fast growth of the Internet for both commercial and private purposes has given rise to a number of serious privacy problems, for example, sensitive and personal data has been sent to other countries without any privacy or sufficient data protection …show more content…
So the problem remains that it is possible for anyone with knowledge of intercepting information to gain access to information that is confidential. If online commercial services are to flourish then the emergence of improved technology is an essential requirement for tracking users, analysing surfing and buying habits and creating easily shared profiles. Thus, it is important for new tracking and encryption technologies to be developed.

Another case, for which the serious nature is being realised, is the concept of e-mail spamming. A recent article by Joe Wilcox (CNET tells of the production of Outlook 11 and it’s capability of “blocking external content when you preview e-mail”. As with problems for which a solution has been derived, other problems may arise. Any unwanted e-mails may be prevented however, in some cases legitimate data may also be filtered. Users of this Microsoft product will thus have the ability to turn off this new feature. New developments such as this are aimed at slowly attempting to increase privacy and security so that it becomes an issue of the
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The Internet is quickly becoming the foundation of all manner of society’s most basic functions and at present, a substantial amount of sensitive data is available online. A lot of controversial issues are discussed over chat groups such as sex, religion and race during which time individuals are unaware of any further use of this personal data that online activities may generate. Other technologies that are becoming available are providing little assurance to individuals such as the FBI’s “carnivore system” and so it seems the best way of not revealing personal data is by encouraging anonymity amongst all users. This conclusion applies to whether we are dealing with e-mail, conventional telephone calls or the various component parts of the World Wide Web. It is important for society not to accept anything less, otherwise individuals will be placing themselves at risk, even with the use of current methods used to prevent data violation such as checking what data is used for, encryption and using cookies.

The allowance of the police or the government to have access to personal information is still placing users at risk, in the event

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