The Importance Of Privacy And The Internet

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Register to read the introduction… This user is also at risk because code, called "Web bugs", can be invisibly embedded in Web pages. A Web bug is an invisible graphic image whose link to the image server carries additional information. This is very much like the extra link information passed by banner ads, but there is no visible image and thus no indication that an information transfer may have taken place. Web bugs are most often used to collect advertising and usage information, such as which pages are read most often. However, the bugs can also be written to capture the user's IP address, read a file on the user's hard drive (perhaps a cookie containing the user’s name and e-mail address), even write to the user's hard drive (an executable file that collects data while the user is online). A Web bug can also be attached to an e-mail message in order to generate a message back to the originator when the original message is replied to or forwarded. (Olsen, March 2001.) The collection of data for selective advertising is big business and now offers the advertiser banner ads targeted to a specific household. (Naviant, October …show more content…
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