The Importance Of Power On Patients

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Throughout history it’s been a question as to how much power should a doctor use on their patients. In some cases, doctors overuse the power and think because they’re the doctor they can use as much force on them as they need. In “The Use of Force” by William Carlos William, the doctor is using force on the patient and her father. The patient does not cooperate, so he gets the father to hold her down. “A patient can feel abused in the professional relationship just through the tone and body language of the clinician.” (Doctors must respect the power they wield over patients 1)
“Power is an inescapable aspect of all social relationships, and inherently is neither good or evil.” (Power issues in the doctor-patient relationships 1) For a long
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A doctor is smart though, he should know you have the right to your body and privacy considering that’s their right as well. “Flattery, inducement, withholding of prescriptions, job offers- these are all extreme situations and fortunately, very rare examples of abuse of the doctor-patient relationship to obtain some kind of gratification (usually sexual) for the doctor. These are the obvious-less obvious are the ones we must all actively consider every time we have a patient encounter.” (Doctors must respect the power they wield over patients 2)
Both the doctors and patients should have power on each other. Neither should have more nor try to have outrun the other with their power. By law the patient has a right to privacy, but the doctor is only doing it for your health. “However, both parties can use and misuse power. The ethical effectiveness of a health system is maximised by by empowering doctors and patients to develop ‘adult-adult’ rather than ‘adult-child’ relationships that respect and enable anatomy, accountability, fidelity, and humanity.” (Power issues in the doctor-patient relationships
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“Doctors rarely ask permission for routine matters like checking your blood pressure or listening to your lungs, though, on the grounds that they have your tacit consent. They assume you’ve granted permission for a blood test when you cooperate by rolling up your sleeve for the needle.” (But I Don’t Want a Rectal Exam 1) So by rolling up your sleeve, you’re allowing the doctor to check you, but if you’re not rolling up your sleeve they must ask you something like may they check your blood pressure or temperature or anything in that content. It’s something basic neither player should empower one another in a small situation like that.
A patient should know when to use their power. They also have to understand they went to the doctors for a reason, the doctor didn’t come to them just overpower them. Now why are you going to try to use power and not allow them to check you for your reason of visit. Now if it’s a girl situation and you feel uncomfortable, let someone know. Even if it’s a man and you don’t have a problem with it, but he does start to use power over you for wrong reasons, remember you have power to. You don’t even have to allow it to happen, you can just walk right out of the

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