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Play Education is the most important term to be used when educating children. Play education is a form of psychology used against children to learn. Children can play and develop cognitive skills while being able to have fun. Teachers try and make educating a fun thing for children. Fun is a very important factor. Fun is one of the most important aspects or better said concept of physical Education. Children find it way easier to do any activity when they are being entertained. When children are enjoying themselves, they will find more of an interest in any subject. Fun is the same as having a hobby; so making Education fun is amazing. Engaging in play is important for developing a social life.

Play Education is all about
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Parallel play is when a group of children is playing but a child is still engrossed in he or she’s own activity. This form of play is very similar to Solitary Independent. This is also a concern when a child is doing this. It is possible that the child can be shy but it’s important to find out if there’s an issue or not.
Mildred Parten forth form of play is Associate. Associate play is when children are sharing their materials with other children but systematize objects or attentiveness. These children may communicate with each other but still have different interest. One child might like basketball and another child might like baseball but they still can communicate liking different activities.

Mildred Parten Last form of play is cooperative play. Cooperative play is when children have organized play. Organize play is when the child is playing specific games like a doctor or nurse. A orm of play that isn’t just physical but more mental than anything. Cooperative play is a mental game and more of a knowledgeable form of game.

Knowledge is the main purpose of play education. “Commencing with open-ended play was a great way to see any prior knowledge the children have” (Jeanette p48). Play is fun for children but it’s very important for them to receive some form of knowledge while doing it. It’s very important for all kids to have a lot of play
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Making learning interesting to the minds of the children for future productivity in school. Play Education is the approach that’s used to help developed Children’s minds. Play Education can help with children future.

Making education fun to children will help shape their future. Children will grow up with the mindset that learning is fun. That’s why Play education is a factor used for small children. Growing up with the proper mindset that can create the right future for the children. Has important as play is, its still a limitation.

Teachers should not want students to overplay. Children should know that life is not a full time play job. That’s why they Play Education system was set up. Children need to focus on Education and play is the act that makes it possible.

In conclusion, I feel that Play Education is very important. I never realized from that Play Education was the method being used when I was a child. I remember singing my “ABC’s” as a child and never knew that the song was to help me learn them. I can recall my teacher playing math games in order get us to like math. As a future Physical Education Teacher I plan on using every method I learned in Play Education to help

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