The Importance Of Picking A Career

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In this day and age new job seekers need to find a job in order to support themselves. A job is a short-term way to work for money, whether that person chooses to work at McDonald’s or go to find a job in an office. A career is a field in which one gains new skills and adapts to the job market in order to sell their services and have a prosperous life. An example is a doctor or lawyer; both going to school to develop the skills needed to practice their field. When picking a particular career each person must make sure that the field in which they devote so many years of their lives is meaningful and well payed, or else they take the risk of feeling regret, and a melancholy view on life as if they could have done something better with their …show more content…
Money has always mattered and unfortunately that is something that must not be overlooked when searching for a career. Looking at “Rising Earning Disparity Between Young Adults with and Without a College Degree” it is self-evident that young adults without a college degree are facing a life of misery and poverty, by only making less than $28,00 a year and having a 21.8% poverty rate. These numbers are extremely somber (452,453). It is incredibly important to know one 's worth with time and money. Picking a career is not simply about finding something that one enjoys doing anymore because the fact of the matter is prices are going up and gas is getting more expensive. If one is seeking to simply survive then by all means do that while the rest of us will work hard and grow fond of a career that we are rewarded fairly …show more content…
Jobs states “have the courage to follow your heart and intuition” (Jobs, 5). It is true our heart and intuition are very important when choosing a career; without we may end up choosing something that will make a lot of money but make us unhappy. Unfortunately we do not always know what’s best for us at the time. Human beings are unpredictable and have a hard time making the best choices. Also, Jobs tells us “the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work” (Jobs, 2). Yet again Jobs is right but in the wrong way. There are some who may not believe in themselves and believe that their time is not as valuable and that is not always the case. Perfectionists seek to do the best they can do but their expectations are too high. What one person might deem worthy work another might deem unworthy; it is all a matter of perception. Steve Jobs’ has a great argument telling us to do what we love. He is right and we should do what we love to some extent, but it is childish to think that we can survive from love and passion alone, we need subsistence, we need money and a great way to do that is to find a career that will pay well and make the worker feel

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