Self-Worth: A Psychological Analysis

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Psychology may be understood to others in different ways and perspectives. At first , my presumption was overlooked but I now appreciate the value of psychological well-being. How my past, present and future experiences can manifest many characteristics that I misunderstood in the beginning . I’ve realized the fear I had to look past my childhood experience and keep moving forward. In this paper, I will carefully dissect every aspect of my psychological understandings in personality, memory , and behavioral impact , in order to , find self-worth.
Understanding that a dysfunctional environment at a young age can psychologically damage our memory . Memory is the process of three components that do with storage, retrieval, and encoding
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Personality and social development are effective as the individuals grow . Making it harder for the person to really understand and get a sense of self-actualization . According to Maslow’s argument “belongingness needs of individual must be met before they will be capable of pursuing esteem needs and self-actualization …[is] the foundation of personality development”(Boyd 370 2013). If the individual 's childhood is disturbed it locks into our memory thus making it difficult to development their personality.As repressed emotions and events come rushing back there is no way to handle and disrupt the ability to comprehend any situation in the …show more content…
My emotional stance was an effective toll on my life and letting go is what I want to do . Perls, a psychologist, who believed that in order to recover, we must start to live in the present, not the past. Otherwise known as the Gestalt Therapy , a therapy that “helps clients...become more authentic and self-accepting”( Boyd 428 2013) For most individuals , like me, have that problem. Now that I’ve chosen to accept that my past as filled with overwhelming challenges and responsibilities as well as changes. I shouldn’t hang onto it I mustn 't blame others for my actions and let my emotions overtake my life. Understanding that I’ve brought down the barriers I had all these years and learn to be more optimistic to myself equally like I do to others.Cherish the moments I have with everyone in my life and defend myself when

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