The Importance Of Perfec Cheerleading

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“And next up we have the CVU Varsity Cheerleaders!” The crowd began roaring with applause. My stomach was filled with butterflies. The anticipation of what to come was driving me crazy. The temperature in the gymnasium seemed to have drastically increased within the last few seconds and as the music started, I took a deep breath in attempt to relax myself. I was now in the spotlight, with more than a thousand of my peers watching me. As I completed my first tumbling pass, a roundoff back-handspring back tuck, a jolt of energy rushed though my body, and at this very point my confidence not only in myself, but also in my team grew sky high, as I said to myself, “We’ve got this!” For as long as I can remember, my mom always wanted me to be a cheerleader because she hoped I would love the sport as much as her. This is one of the reasons that drove her to start up a cheerleading team at my high school and become the coach. As a coach, she taught the importance of stunting safety and tumbling. My mom used videos, trainings with college cheer instructors, constructive feedback, rulebooks and many other methods in order to help us gain the most cheerleading knowledge and skill possible. I learned that it takes a lot of practice in order to …show more content…
Cheerleading is not just standing on the sidelines of a football game looking pretty in a uniform and cheering on the players. It goes far beyond the expectations of what people think it is. A cheerleading routine consists of a a team performing tumbling, jumping, dancing, stunts and a cheer for three minutes. It takes hours and hours every week of practice to perfect a three-minute routine. Being an athlete, who has played three varsity sports, I will always argue that cheerleading is one of the hardest, most exciting and dangerous sports there is. In fact, more injuries happen in cheerleading than on the football

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