Pastoral Roles

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While interviewing all of the different people and roles in the church, I notice that a lot of the answers were very consistent in their evaluation of the church and of Tony. I noticed that a lot of people felt the same way about Tony, and from the overall info that I received on him from everyone is that he is an awesome guy. First we can look and see what the people had to say about the pastoral roles that are crucial within a church. To do this we can take a look at the different words the congregants used to describe their pastor. From looking at these we can decipher what people felt the pastoral role should be. Now a lot of people used words such as compassionate, caring, kind, honest, genuine, real, personable, and many more that seem …show more content…
Most people felt that the congregation of LEFC had priorities of Oikos, or being involved in the community. I would also say that their priorities are building disciples, spreading the good news, and sending people out to make more disciples. If there is one thing that I learned from these interviews, it’s that LEFC’s mission as a church is to make disciples, and they feel very strongly about that mission. One ministerial priority was only spoken of by the pastoral members a talked to, and that was the location transition that they are currently going through right now. LEFC is looking to either build on to their church to make it bigger, open up different campuses in different areas, or start doing a third service. This is a priority for this team right now, because as Tony described, they don’t want the vision of the church to get clouded by this transition. The church itself is the people inside of the church, so their priority as a church currently is driving the vision of the church to the people so that this transition will not effect them.
There were some responses that were a little unique, but overall, I was very surprised with how similar everyone’s answers were. That shows good feedback on the LEFC church, because that means that everyone is on the same page as far as the vision and mission of the church goes. As for Tony, all of the responses I got in regards to him were all very similar as well. He seems to be a great storyteller, caring, and down to earth guy with a heart for

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