The Importance Of Organ Donation

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Register to read the introduction… Organ donation is a way to know that all is not lost in death. Because of organ donation life can go on for others. It is often difficult for loved ones to make such a choice, when they are bereaving and suffering the loss of a loved one; however, death would not be a complete end to their loved one if life could be given to another human being by their organ donation. What a greater gift to give to another than the chance to live with the help of someone who meant so much to …show more content…
The first step is to talk to your family and loved ones about organ donation and what it does. An individual can become an organ donor simply by signing a uniform organ donor card, such as your driver's license and having a witness to that signature. But most importantly, make sure your intentions to donate are known to your family to ensure that your wishes are carried out. Even with a donor card signed your family must give the consent before your wishes are carried out. When families discuss organ donation and are aware of a loved ones request to do this, they feel some consolation knowing that the gift of life is being given. It offers the family some sense that their loved one's death was not in vain. Make the decision for yourself. Make the decision for your family, and give them the comfort of knowing that they can carry out your wishes. And finally, make the decision to someday save lives.

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