The Importance Of Obesity An Epidemic Health Concern For Children And Teens

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Obesity has become an epidemic health concern for children and teenagers. The truth is, researchers are calling obesity "the new epidemic" this year about approximately 60 million people in America will die from illnesses to obesity. Several diseases, include diabetes and heart disease, are all connected to obesity. In order to create a culture that values health and exercise Some people define obesity as overweight for his or her age. However, obesity is a serious health concern for children and teenagers. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention argues, the study obesity, adds: “the prevalence of obesity has more than doubled among children ages 2 to 5 which is 5.0% - 12.4% and ages 6 to 11 is 6.5% - 17.0%. In teens ages 12 to 19, prevalence rates have tripled 5.0% - 17.6% ( National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys). Children eat more, such as the size portions have increased. Physically, Overweight children are more likely to become overweight adults Children who were obese younger are more likely to be obese adults when they’re older or even worse increase all health …show more content…
There are many ways that kids and teenagers can reduce obesity. The most basic thing to start out with is increasing physical activity that the child can adapt to, and decrease the consumption of unhealthy food and replacing it by with protein, fruit, fiber or vegetables. There are times, however emotional and issues will reinforce the behavior that creates obesity. For example, children may feel the urge to eating just to make themselves comfort or feel better, because they don’t know how to express negative emotions in a healthy way. In these cases, a little loving is necessary to be shown upon the child that is going through that phase or reacting to eating just to feel comfort or better themselves. Interestingly children who have that passionate love tend to decrease of living a unhealthy lifestyle ( Jeffrey

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