Nursing Interventions In Nursing Essay

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In order to increase nursing knowledge, according to Nelson and Staggers (2015), the ability to extract the unique data that nurses provide is essential. Utilizing a common language, standardized nursing terminology (SNT), allows for the organization of data, information and knowledge. Park (2014) asserted, coded SNT in the electronic health record EHR, allows for a comprehensive means to portray the “art of nursing”, the interventions and outcomes which are a direct result of nursing actions. The 3 most frequently utilized SNTs are: North American Nursing Diagnosis-International (NANDA-I), Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC), and Nursing Outcome Classification (NOC). Used together, also known as NNN (Park, 2014). Incorporating NNN into the EHR will …show more content…
The experienced nurse utilized her knowledge of assessing the entire patient, to go beyond the numbers, determining the picture the patient presented in addition to the values. She then used wisdom, “knowing when and how to use knowledge to manage a patient need or problem” (Ronquillo, Currie, and Rodney, 2016, p. E2), to effectively manage the patient and apply the appropriate intervention.
In this day of EHRs, SNT is vital. The NNN, according to Park (2014), will enable the healthcare industry, nursing leaders, to analyze patterns, thus allowing the continuation to increase nursing knowledge. When the NNN is tailored to specific patient populations, the result is support for nursing practice, evidence based care, and the development of best care practices. DIKW is a process which explains the “art of nursing”. When nursing actions, interventions, are broken down step by step, the actual critical thinking of nurses is revealed. The NNN and DIKW complement each other. When the work of the bedside nurse is fully accounted for, the real value of what nurses do will finally be understand and

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