The Importance Of Nursing And Its Importance Essay

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The commitment to nursing dates back to one of the most notable early contributors. Florence Nightingale was very aware of the role of nursing and its importance. Nightingale identified the role of the nurse as essential to health care. Nightingales’ strong beliefs are the foundation of today’s nursing framework (Badzek, 2008). The foresight that Nightingale had is the first step in a staircase of the profession that has evolved into a strong trustworthy caregiver. In the following body of work the author will answer a few key questions in regards to nurse staff shortage on a unit. The questions will pertain exactly to how a nurse manager responded to her current issue at that time with some critique of her actions.
Susan the nurse manager of a busy Trauma Unit has to staff her unit with two registered nurses (RN’s) per 8 hour shift. Susan does not have that amount of fill this matrix. Susan did bring this concern up to her superior who responded by telling her to “deal with it”. Susan’s superior may have assumed she was using interpretive intent by giving her this directive. Susan did take the first appropriate action in passing the issue up to the appropriate level that could possibly provide what she felt would be a fix for the issue. When Susan was told to handle the staff shortage it may have been appropriate to point out to her superior if she felt the organization was not supporting nursing code ethics by over extending the nursing staff and pointed out the injuries…

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