Personal Narrative: How Religion Changed My Life

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At the age of 12, the church we attended at the time was going through a variety of different issues. So, my family started to look for a different church that had more to offer. We felt very welcome and at home after attending Enon Baptist, so that’s where we moved our membership to. At Enon, I met a new friend and we were both new to the youth group so we were scared. Mostly myself though, because I didn’t know anyone. I was so nervous when we first started attending Sunday School that I made my mom go with me! My new friends name was Carmen. She was the choir directors daughter, and they both sang beautifully. We attended the same middle school, and church so we saw each other daily. We were both in chorus at school, and theatre so we spent lots of tie together. Carmen was so funny, and out-going. The more I hung out with Carmen at school, I would realize that she acted differently at school that she did at church. I soon realized that I had become friends with the wrong person, and she was into some bad habits that I did not want to take part in. Throughout middle school, all Carmen focused on was how many guys she could get with no matter what she had to do or where it was at. She …show more content…
Turns out, he was a drug dealer and sold weed because that was his only way of making money. First semester of senior year, Michael got caught, and sent to jail for selling weed. Not to mention, he was only 17 years old. Carmen wanted to get Michael out of jail so she could marry him. So she started stealing money from lots of people at school, out of pocket books, wallets and even from teachers! She pretended she had gotten money stolen from her too, as a cover up. Due to bad planning, she told one of her best friends Angel about what she had been doing and who all she had stolen money from. So, Angel went and told the principal at our school and Carmen went in for

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