Growing Up

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Growing up Is a tough process, some of us are brought up without Fathers, Mothers, Grandparents, and there are others who have every family member but they don 't know how to play their roles. I was very fortunate to have my Grandparents, and when I was younger they made it a point to me that education is important. My Grandparents grew up In a time period where there was no education past High School, It was either the military or to learn a skill and have a career in something that your family wanted you to become. My Grandma grew up in a small neighborhood where she was not able to speak Spanish, her family was traditional they believed there is always work to be done and there are no days off. She began working at the age of 14 , she worked the cashier at a panty hose store. …show more content…
I believe my family is living the American Dream, they came from nothing and worked their way up with very little education and in the process of helping themselves they helped others along the way. When I was growing up I was always making inventions out of any object, when I was about 10 years old I made a Robot out of cardboard boxes and bubble wrap. My family stressed that education was important and even picked the college I was supposed to go to before I was born, but life tends to throw you curve balls and my family had to adjust to the fact that I was going a different route in my career. While I began to study photography many of my family members and friends saw no career or future in my schooling and thought I was just wasting my time. Once I started to become successful and even published in newspapers that is when they slowly started to get on board with my career choices. My grandparents always believed in me whether I was booking a lot of jobs or none at all they always believed in my photography. Our family comes from a background where if you can think it you can achieve it. When I had no one else 's support My Grandparents were there being my cheerleaders and cheering

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