The Importance Of My Dad

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On September 20, 1956, the hard-working man I call Dad was brought into this world to make an impact. He was born to a poor, young family in the small town of Dows, Iowa. Right from the beginning, my dad and his father couldn’t quite see eye to eye. It was mostly his mom who would be there for him and try to help find a middle ground for the two to land on. At the age of 5, Dad was working for his grandfather, John Foust, whom was a very distraught, mean old man with quite an addiction to alcohol. John promised Dad many things, but many of the promises were never kept. John Foust owned a farm just outside of Dows, and the deal was, that if you weren’t old enough to work, you couldn’t come to the farm. That being said, Dad worked day in and day out for countless hours and as he grew older, his job tasks and responsibilities to the farm became more …show more content…
My dad’s work ethic is beyond words can explain, and every one of his employers could vouch for that. Although Dad at home is a completely different person than Dad (boss) at work, he still managed to teach me right from wrong. Starting as a young man in a company, on the verge of being let go, he battled the recession simply by proving he was not afraid to pick up a broom to show he was worth it. Still during tough times, and being the only source of income in his family, he managed to prove to my mother every day that he loved her, and the two of them raised two wonderful children together. Now as an older gentleman, he continues to be a role model for me and many others. I am regularly asking myself “what would Dad do,” and am not afraid to call him on the phone and ask for advice. Come December, I plan on making sure my son knows the true meaning of hard-work, just as Dad had taught me, and I hope my son thinks as highly of me, as I do my

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