Violent Themes In Metallica's Heavy Metal Music

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Musicians create music for many reasons. They write songs about love and songs about the loss of love. Some create songs to brag about how much material possessions they have or to express their own personal happiness. However sometimes there exists situations in the world that are so upsetting and controversial that even musicians feel forced to act. In time of war and turmoil, musicians become the voice of the people and through their music they reflect the growing discontent of the people. No matter what the musical genre, whether it is rock, metal, punk, folk country, and Motown, musicians will all sing their songs of war.
Heavy metal music has always depicted violent themes driven by intense music. The musicians express their anger and rage in their music and their fan base of disillusioned, angst-ridden teens connect with their music. Heavy metal songs exploring the themes of war are also particularly common, and one such example is Metallica’s “One”.
Considered one of Metallica’s greatest hits, “One” is heavily influenced by Dalton Trumbo’s 1938
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The article reveals first-had accounts from detainees of the American government using loud forms of popular music such as 2Pac , Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, Britney Spears, and even Barney the dinosaur in order to break down prisoners for interrogation (Peisner, 2006). This practice can be especially upsetting to strict interpreters of Islam, where they are forbidden to listen to music (Peisner, 2006). While the legality of using loud music as torture is questionable, what is not questionable is the outrage some musicians had when they discovered that their music was being used in this manner (Peisner, 2006). In particular, Rage Against the Machine was especially outraged due to the band’s ideological leanings and support for human rights (Peisner,

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