Analyse How Children Use Musical Instruments

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The three to five-year-old group will explore from music and musical instruments around the world. The children will have the opportunity to play a variety of instruments. We will listen to a variety of music from around the world while using different props. We will learn musical vocabulary.
On Monday, the children will make explore rhythm instruments. First, we will listen to a variety of music which uses rhythm instruments while using props. Rhythm instruments will be available for the children to discover the different tones of the instruments. The group will experiment with different rhythmic patterns. Our project will be creating drums to further explore rhythms in music with the children’s family and friends.
On Tuesday, the
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The children will go to visit the symphony hall. First, the children will tour the building and the orchestra box. The orchestra will play a few pieces for the children, along with a few sound effects. Lunch will be in the park before returning back to the center. The parks department is currently hosting local bands at lunch time, which play a few children’s songs during our lunch. On the bus ride to the center, we will discuss the experience and record all the questions they have for Monday.
9:30 Arrival
9:35 Group Activity
10:30 Snack
10:45 Daily Project
11:30 Departure
Outline of sessions:
1. Listen to rhythm instrument music. 1. Silk and cotton scarfs are available for the children.
2. Children will explore the instruments.
3. I will play a rhythm and the children will repeat the pattern on their instrument. 1. The children will rotate to a different instrument after three rhythmic patterns. We rotate three times.
4. Snack.
5. Create drums from recyclable plastic and cardboard containers. 1. Clean up from project.
6. Departure for the day.

1. Board the bus to go to the symphony hall. 1. Discuss the rules for field trips.
2. Tour the symphony hall in small groups.
3. Listen to the orchestra

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