The Importance Of Multiculturalism In Canada

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Register to read the introduction… Though, a symbolic affirmation is only as good as the commitment when it is put into practice, once it is no longer tradition, its understanding is often contested. Although, Banting and Kymlicka note that “most Canadians have no clear idea how this complex field of multiculturalism policies operate” (51), and yet it plays a major role in all levels of society. It speaks to the larger issue of voter apathy and the disinterestedness that Canadian politics and policy often receive unless it interferes with a specific individual directly. Immigration and citizenship seem almost like social afterthoughts, or non-thoughts, among the general public.
Despite the fact that the deconstruction of Canadian multiculturalism,
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They also acknowledge that these issues require attention and that there are also aspects that still need to be explored. The modern presence of religious diversity amongst the multiculturalist scene, multiculturalism and its relationships to ethnocultureal minorities, Quebec’s reasonable accommodation as well as the overlap of Aboriginal and multiculturalism issues, require research and development. This speak volumes about Banting and Kymlicka, as it places their work on a larger spectrum that will one day be surrounded by other impressive works that may compliment or challenge their findings. Canadian multiculturalism is completely different than what takes place in different countries. It goes without saying that not every picture can be painted with the same type of brush because the world is not full of the same picture that has a white washed idealized understanding. With that being said, the problems in other countries are not inherent to the multiculturalism picture in other

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