The Importance Of Motivation For Children

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As a parent, It’s hard to motivate kids to do their homework, or eat their vegetables, go outside and play, but with a positive attitude you can do it. The truth is, most kids are motivated but not for the right thing. Sometimes just sitting down and talking to them one on one is better then letting the situation go. Parents want their kids to do their best, but in todays society the only way they get motivated is by video games, or watching T.V. It may be hard challenge for parents to motivate their kids it can be done with appropriate motivation and attitude towards the situation.
One example to help your kid to do their best is the value of secondary reinforcers. It may acquire their value through a long chain of associations. For
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A motive is a stimulus that moves a person to accomplish a goal. Psychologists assume that people are motivated when they observe other people in similar situations trying to reach for a goal. Setting goals for your child to achieve everyday can motivate them for when they grow older. Everyone needs motivation; it drives us to achieve the goals we set for our self. The longer we are deprived of motivation the stronger our drive becomes to be motivated. However, motivating children can be difficult at times. You have to keep trying to make the message more consistent. When it happens, it can be very rewarding. Just starting with a positive attitude can reach out to any kid, whether they be troubled or as good of a child as it gets. All kids need motivation in their lives. It will help them push themselves to be the best they can be just with a few words of …show more content…
The drive-reduction theory is based on learning as well as motivation. Kids will learn to do whatever will reduce that tension by reducing the drive, such as school to reduce stress. Basic drives, such as school, motivate us to restore an internal state of equilibrium, or balance. Kids think just because their grades are average means they don’t have to keep working hard, or in a sport when you have a starting spot so you don’t need to work hard because you feel like no one is going to take it from you. You should always be motivated to do your best no matter what it

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