Memory And Memory

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In the head of humans, we allow ourselves to think a lot and remember a lot, whether we want to or not it’s in our brain whether we like or not. We use our brain in mysterious ways we don’t know how to react when something happens at a moment’s notice. By looking at things around or reading a book allows remembering another fact that we see, by asking ourselves questions, giving us a chance to test our memory right away. Understanding the concept of learning what we see and what we talk about allow the individual to rely on our memory. Now reminiscing about the past puts our mind and memory to the test depending on what we are thinking about.
There are lot factors that play in as to why the memory works the way it should, there are signals that sent to the brain that
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Encoding is one of the ways to not have a good memory because if there is nothing to put in the brain to store then there is any reason to have anything to remember. The challenge we face on an everyday basis is our way of relying on our brain and memory to process what we have already done in the past and bring it back to the future to where we need to do what had plan to do previously at the present time. When we lose information either we use it purposely or not use it at all, but to be just to honest or memory could only take us so far. Just like our teeth if it’s not taken care of it will decay, our memory works the same way if the nutrients aren’t feeding the brain in the way it should then we are not going to remember anything or be in the right frame of mind to function properly. So the with that being said once you give yourself something to focus on you don’t want to be interfered with because you will lose interest and focus and at that point everything you have done will no longer be

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