The Importance Of Metacognition In Learning

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Awareness and understanding of one’s own thinking process can provide vast advantages for every student 's learning. This high order thinking which involves active control over the cognitive processes engaged in learning was given the label “Metacognition” by an American Developmental Psychologist known as John Flavell (Baker, 2009). Research supports the notion that metacognition when improved can result in increased learning and academic achievement of students (Fouche & Lamport, 2011). In contrast, other people argued that metacognition is a jargon and it doesn’t communicate to non-researchers (Schoenfeld, n.d.). While there are different perspectives involving this word, metacognition improves academic performance because of how it helps …show more content…
But with the help of metacognition it can provide students sufficient benefits to achieve active learning by regulating their independent activities. In a research conducted with an average 14 years old pupil, Henter (2012) reported that by introducing metacognitive strategies to the pupil in English class such as generating questions which involved monitoring and regulating of one’s own independent activities or understanding of what is heard or read for active learning, the pupil’s academic performance in English improved and it is also reported that the pupil used this strategies on other subjects such as Romanian and History (Henter, 2012). This evidence supports the notion on how metacognitive strategies help the pupil to improve his/her academic performance. Metacognitive strategies are introduced in order to help the pupil to be able to think about his/her thinking in depth or in short to improve metacognition. Monitoring and regulating independent activities such as generating questions possibly help the pupil to think more deeply about the certain possibilities that might occur during quizzes or exams. This type of thinking perchance allows the pupil to be more an active learner since doing something despite of only reading paragraphs helps to make the brain active which can outcome a comprehensive insight and an expansion of ideas for every learner’s learnings. Active learning is like exercising, the more people regulate the more they become healthier. In terms of active learning it makes students to be more attentive and it can help students to know how to link ideas and concepts together in an useful way. The application of these strategies to other subjects that the pupil reported can be assess as effective since he/she wouldn 't use this if it did not help her/him to reach academic success. With the improvement reported

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