Stuff Is Not Salvation Analysis

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Personal satisfaction is one of the most important aspects of life in this society.
Materialism promotes many negative feelings like lust, selfishness, jealousy,andsense of hopelessness, etc. People are forgetting their moral values and often fail to understand the distinction between right choices and the wrong ones. The only thing that matters is good quality life and false comforts.“We have lost our identity. We have forgotten what it’s essential to the naked eye” (Kreider 381). The material things being sold in television or over the internet are not essential. They can never make a person completely happy.
In Anna Quindlen’s passage, “Stuff Is Not Salvation,” she talks about American materialism and the desire to buy unnecessary things.
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Some people think that only "money" can control social order. Important value is overwhelmed by superficial things. People judge others by their buying. Children today are learning by watching their parents, who have a compulsive need to spend a lot. They are also watching television drama series and movies which are trying to glamorize the lives of rich people (Odyssey 1).All around the world, there are messages telling us to buy stuff. On the Internet there is continuous advertising trying to catch people to purchase a product or service.This message to continually buy, buy, buy … and that it will somehow make people buy.
People could go and live in a cabin in the woods, or they could still live in our modern society, but finding ways to escape from materialism has become a reality, Some ways people can deal with this new problem include:
1) Limit television to avoid superficial and unneeded publicity.
2) Give up magazines for books. Magazines are also designed with advertising in mind. And they rarely give much value.
3) Monitor urges: keeping track of shopping. Once itbecomesahabit people can start to control what they buy and realize what they really need.
4) Use a 30-day list. If someone really want to buy something, it's important put it on a list, and write down the date the item was added to the

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