The Importance Of Maritime Piracy

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The importance of the oceans and seas are essential to running a trade that can bring improvement economy of a country, for trade in goods globally and maritime transport activities. International trade has been increasing the number of negative impact of the increase in the exposure and vulnerability of international shipping. These problems have caused a potential target for piracy, armed robbery and other crimes (Rodrigue, 2013 as cited in United Nation, 2014).
Ayto (2005) asserts, “The word “pirate” has its root from the Latin word “pīrāta” where the notion of ‘sea robber’ originated and from the Greek word “peirātés” which means ‘attacker’ or ‘marauder’ as a noun originating from the verb “peiran” signifying
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This activity can affect the flow of transport, trade and economic activities, such as fishing and energy production. In addition, piracy also threatens the safety of shipping, the delivery of humanitarian aid and transport and trade (United Nation, 2014). According to Robert Gauvin, senior director for counter-piracy policy at the U.S. Cost Guard said:
“This can affect the transportation of energy and goods, which can be very important to the economies for states in those areas, as well as their international partners, such as the U.S.,”. After that, “The U.S. is very much concerned about issues like [piracy in Southeast Asia] because we feel it affects our national security and it also affects maritime transportation and the global economy.” Hellenic Shipping News (08 October 2015).
All ships regardless of the type and flag, they got the impact of global piracy. Tanker containers and bulk carriers being a key target for pirates. It is because, these ships have high economic value. In the case of tankers and bulkers being the main targets in piracy because ships have a low speed (United Nation, 2014). This statistic represents the number of pirate attacks on ships in 2015, with a breakdown by ship type. Around 51 attacks on product tankers were recorded that

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